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AMAXXY is a regular guest radio DJ at Radio MNM in Brussels, Belgium. He has been playing for MNM Urbanice, MNM R&Beats, MNM Juice.

MNM is a Belgian radio station that primarily focuses on playing contemporary hit music. It is part of the VRT (Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organization) network in Belgium. MNM is known for its vibrant and energetic programming, targeting a younger audience with a mix of popular songs, chart-toppers, and the latest music releases.

MNM offers a variety of shows and segments throughout the day, including music charts, entertainment news, interviews with artists, and interactive listener participation. The station aims to keep its audience engaged with entertaining content, music trivia, competitions, and interactive features.

MNM has gained popularity among young listeners in Belgium, and it has often been associated with youth culture and events. The station also organizes its own events and concerts, featuring both local and international artists.

Created by DJ AMAXXY

January 2, 2021