Nikki Beach IbizA


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A paradise tucked away in the beautiful beach of the Santa Eulalia area, Nikki Beach Ibiza.

Nikki Beach is a luxury lifestyle brand that is well-known for its beach clubs, resorts, and hotels located in various popular destinations around the world. It was founded in 1998 by Jack Penrod, an entrepreneur from Miami, Florida.

Nikki Beach offers a unique entertainment experience combining music, dining, fashion, and art in a chic and sophisticated beachfront setting. Their beach clubs are often located in exclusive beach destinations such as Miami Beach, Saint Tropez, Ibiza, Marbella, and Dubai, among others.

Nikki Beach clubs typically feature stylish lounges, restaurants, bars, and outdoor areas with comfortable seating, including cabanas and sunbeds. They often host events, parties, and live performances by renowned DJs, musicians, and artists, making them popular destinations for the jet-set crowd and partygoers.

In addition to their beach clubs, Nikki Beach also operates luxury resorts and hotels in select locations. These properties offer a high-end vacation experience with amenities such as upscale accommodations, spa services, fine dining options, and access to exclusive beachfront areas.

Overall, Nikki Beach has gained a reputation for its glamorous and vibrant atmosphere, attracting visitors who seek a luxurious beachside experience with a lively social scene.

AMAXXY performed as a guest DJ for 3 consecutive days with live musicians, such as Kique Albelda (sax player), José Asuncion (violist) and Martin (percussionist).

Created by DJ AMAXXY

July 12, 2021