As an international open format DJ based at the Mediterranean Sea, DJ AMAXXY performs for all kind of events in Marbella. From luxury private parties, exclusive events, weddings and corporate events to yacht parties, clubs, beach clubs and festivals.

The key to DJ Marbella his steadily growing success is his boundary-pushing, open format approach, seamlessly fusing House, Funk, Soul, Disco, R&B, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat and world music. Through the use of vinyl and an extensive music selection where he combines different cultural influences, AMAXXY truly stands out from the crowd. His motto? Play all music, for all people, all over the world.

Whatever the chosen vibe, DJ Marbella will adapt the ambiance and create the right energy to ensure the guests will remember the event for all the right reasons.

DJ AMAXXY adapts the music to suit each stage of your event, so the atmosphere perfectly enhances each special moment. His technical ability and broad musical knowledge will get your dance floor on fire and ensure your guests are talking about your party long after the last tune has played out.

A great addition to your event is to have a saxophonistsingerpercussionist, violist or live band to play alongside the DJ giving you the best of both worlds. AMAXXY has his own preferred artists to recommend, or he is willing to work with your own preferred choices. Click here fore more information.

Looking for a DJ in Marbella for your private party, corporate event or wedding? Feel free to contact us for more information!


Are you looking for the ultimate party destination that combines luxury, glamour, and an electrifying atmosphere? Look no further than Marbella, the crown jewel of Spain’s Costa del Sol. With its vibrant nightlife scene, Marbella offers an unforgettable experience for party enthusiasts from around the globe.

Marbella’s nightlife is renowned for its opulent venues and a pulsating energy that fills the air. From sunset to sunrise, the city comes alive with a kaleidoscope of music genres, world-class DJs, and a cosmopolitan crowd ready to dance the night away. Whether you’re seeking an exclusive clubbing experience or a more laid-back beachfront vibe, Marbella has it all.

Picture yourself stepping into a glamorous beach club, where the sun-kissed coastline serves as a backdrop to a stylish pool party. The beats of the latest house and electronic music fill the air as you soak up the sun, sip on refreshing cocktails, and mingle with international jet-setters. Marbella’s beach clubs are renowned for their exquisite design, top-notch service, and a party ambiance that exudes sophistication.

As the sun sets, the city’s nightlife truly comes alive. From the iconic Golden Mile to the bustling Puerto Banús, Marbella offers a plethora of clubs and bars that cater to all tastes. Dance the night away to the rhythm of the hottest tracks spun by world-famous DJs, or indulge in live music performances that cover everything from Latin beats to international hits.