What started in a small basement in Belgium at the tender age of 14 turned into a remarkable journey that spanned the globe, gracing stages in ParisCannesLondonMonacoSaint-TropezGenevaDubai, Marbella,  and Ibiza. His performances ranged from the illustrious Film Festival in Cannes, the adrenaline of Grand Prix Monaco, the glamour of Lions Cannes, and the runway elegance of fashion shows to igniting dance floors at the world’s hottest beach clubs and clubs.

AMAXXY’s versatile talent knows no bounds. Whether he’s spinning at an exclusive private party, elevating brand experiences at corporate gatherings, or commanding festival crowds with his electrifying presence, there’s nothing he can’t master.

That reputation as an exciting talent in the DJ scene has given AMAXXY the opportunity to fill dance floors with an elite guest list which includes fashion movie and music icons such as Naomi CampbellSylvester StalloneTrey Songz, DJ SnakeEsteban OconBella Hadid, and even an Arabian Prince, among others.

The key to his steadily growing success is his boundary-pushing, open format approach, seamlessly fusing House, Funk, Soul, Disco, R&B, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat and world music. Through the use of vinyl and an extensive music selection where he combines different cultural influences, AMAXXY truly stands out from the crowd. His motto? Play all music, for all people, all over the world.

His love affair with music, embracing both timeless classics and cutting-edge sounds, began at the age of ten when he first touched the keys of a piano at the Music Academy. Exploring a myriad of music genres, he was inspired to blend them. When he finally made enough funds to purchase his first DJ setup, the magic truly began.

Maxim’s DJ journey started with vinyl, hours spent rifling through crates at local record stores. After spending countless hours practicing his craft, he released his first mixtapes. It didn’t take long for AMAXXY’s audience to swell, affording him the opportunity to headline his first sets at Belgian events, clubs, and radio shows. Every DJ fee earned was promptly reinvested into records, promotions, and DJ equipment.

By the age of 18, AMAXXY’s unwavering passion for DJing and producing music drove him to make a life-changing move to Cannes. There, he embarked on a year-long odyssey, earning a diploma in DJ and Music Production. To further developing in the music industry, he simultaneously pursued a degree in Event and Music Management.

At this juncture, Maxim is aiming for the top and following his dreams. He tours twelve months a year, igniting parties with a musical palette so broad that it resonates with every soul he touches. With many years of experience in the industry, he continues to grow and expand his horizons, sharing a sound with no borders. Stay tuned, as AMAXXY is just beginning to heat up…